Laptop Cases

Lasting beauty.

• Highest quality leather possible

• Simple, smooth design

• Stitched from a single cut of leather

Undeniable quality.

Protect your laptop with thick, durable leather.

Truly lasting.

We're committed to making things that truly last so we offer:

Free stitching repairs, should your clutch come undone through daily use

Please note: Real leather gradually changes color from contact with natural hand oils and direct sunlight.

Our Cases

The Founder

• Classic style with a sleek modern feel

• Solid brass rivets

• Available in 13", 16", and 17.3" sizes

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Rose gold

• The simple, lovely look you're searching for

• Solid brass rose gold studs

• Available in 13", 16", and 17.3" sizes

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Protect and Restore.

• Make your leather last longer with leather balm

Restores worn leather

Protects new leather goods

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