“Don’t ever diminish the power of words. Words move hearts and hearts move limbs. ”

Words have always moved me. And I live for those moments when I feel in the deepest place, moved.

They come sometimes in a perfect poem. Woven into the pages of a story that resonates with your own. They sneak up on you. In the inscription plaque on a park bench.  In the chorus of a song you blast on repeat and sing at the top of your lungs with your car windows down because something in that lyric resonates a big fat screaming YES with something living and breathing deep down inside of you.

And other times, it's just one, simple single word. You're listening to a teaching, reading a book, watching a movie, or talking to a friend and thousands of words are spilling out but everything in you stirs when you hear the one.


I pay attention when a word jumps out at me like that, inviting me to live with it a little while. That wooing word that longs to win you. I'm the girl who'll go scribble it a dozen times into my journal or paint it on a canvas in big bright colors to cover my wall so I wake up to it every morning and I keep running into it all day. Because I'm like that with things that move me, I need to remember. And keep remembering.

And slowly, it becomes a part of me. 

I started making these leather keychains at the end of a school year as gifts for a bunch of my friends who were moving away. And then I just kind of got too inspired to stop. 

We've now added some of my hand drawn notebook designs to our growing list of beautiful, quality products for a meaningful and richly lived life. 

It's my hope that every time you hold your keychain, you embrace just a little bit more of the life and promise of the word written on it. And that day by day, you would find yourself living into a richer, fuller, more thriving you than you've ever known before. And may the blank pages of our notebooks be a canvas for more courageous and inspired creating than you've ever experienced. 

We're so deeply honored to be part of your world, and are so delighted that you're here.