Hello from the Shelby's!

Hello from the Shelby's!

By Natalie Shelby

Hello from the Shelby's!


We are SO freaking stoked to be launching the Twin Sparrow blog today! This blog has been a longggg time coming and we are thrilled to be able to start sharing topics, beautiful products and new projects happening with Twin Sparrow.

We figured there would be no better way to start off our blog series then by giving you a little insight to who we are as a team & family. At some point soon, we will also be lining out for y’all our hopes and dreams for this beautiful company! Both of us, (Jake & Nat) will be writing, as well as featured guests. To say we are excited is a freaking understatement.

We are Jake & Natalie Shelby, the newest owners of Twin Sparrow. We purchased this company in January of this year and, hot dang, has it been a ride. I (Nat) had the pleasure of working for this company before proposing to purchase, so I slightly knew what I was getting myself into, but this has been a beautifully stretching experience- more on this in an upcoming blog post!



Jake is from Waco, Texas and I’m from Redding, a small-ish city in Northern California. We both have family located in Northern California and love to call this area home. It’s honestly the most beautiful area in the world, in our opinion, and we would be lying if we said that our gorgeous surroundings do not shape our context for business. We have such a desire to see Northern California grow and flourish, both environmentally and economically, so the purchase of Twin Sparrow for us is a step in that direction.

Jake & I met through an online dating app (I would have laughed in your face if you told me back then a dating app would work). We talked on the phone for closer to a month before I decided he probably wasn’t a serial killer and we both decided we wanted to date. We ended up having a ton of mutual friends in common and many similar interests, PLUS Jake's uncanny ways to get me to laugh were/are always a welcomed bonus. 😂  

We spent the entirety of our dating relationship long-distance, as Jake got a great job 3 hours away in our first weeks of dating. Jake proposed a year and a half into our relationship, and after a quick, 4 month engagement, we got married!


One of our similar passions include the business world. Jake has been a part of multiple startup businesses, as well as a new venture, (more to come soon!) AND Twin Sparrow.

Side note: something I love about Jake is he carries wisdom beyond his years. I felt that about him within the first couple minutes of meeting him. Others have said that exact thing about him as well, and they couldn’t be more true. His knack for business coupled with his innate wisdom is a real showstopper, and I truly can’t wait to see what he puts his hands to work with next. 

We've worked with & for several small businesses, growing a love for the business world with each year. We both knew we wanted to own businesses in the future, but I don’t think we realized how quickly it would happen. Jake & I got married 6 months ago, on November 1, 2019 and two months later bought this beautiful business. Looking back, it’s hilarious to me that I didn’t have one clue on the new career pivot. It’s been a stretching, glorious and (somewhat) infuriating process since then. 

We are so excited to be able to embark on this journey and give y’all a look into our world. We can’t wait to interact and get to know some of you better, so please feel free to comment with kind questions/comments.

Love y'all! XOXO



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