Welcoming our Newest Employee!

Welcoming our Newest Employee!

By Stephen Flores

Welcoming our Newest Employee!
Hi there! 
My name is Stephen and I’ve been working at Twin Sparrow since January of this year!
I work in wholesale and help out with various projects and will soon be helping out with production.
Natalie and I go way back–– We’ve known each other for over 22 years! That also happens to be how old I am and that is because she is my sister!
Working at Twin Sparrow has been a blast. This job has given me the ability to work from home which has freed me up to pursue business projects of my own and proved so valuable during the recent shutdown.
Here’s a little intro to me!
I am:
- a grad of Azusa Pacific University - class of 2019 - with a double major in Commercial Music and Humanities
- a Survivor fan! (my favorite players are Devens and Tony!)
- an EDM Artist, with a few official releases back in 2018
- a frequent runner. This is something that I picked up this year which to my amazement has stuck with me!
- building a music production business of my own! This has proved to be an interesting and rewarding process.
When I’m not working for Twin Sparrow, I'm either making music or spending time with my girlfriend Kristi!
Something I get asked all the time is how long I have been growing out my hair. I started in the summer of 2014 so it has been 6 years!
I look forward to working with you in the future! Thanks for reading!


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