By Natalie Shelby


Hi y’all!

We are SO DANG EXCITED to be releasing our first original product as new owners! This has been 7 months in the making- you would not believe the amount of energy and work it has taken to get to today.

So without further ado, we introduce to you the Gover Clutch!



Jake & I, with the guidance of trusted friends, decided that we wanted our new products to reflect story, memories and beauty from our everyday lives here in Northern California. Each product will be shaped with a story or memory attached to it.


We named this purse the Gover Clutch based off of our wedding venue, Gover Ranch, located in Redding, CA. We’ve been to many weddings and ultimately decided to have our own wedding at this venue solely based off the beauty & resemblance of Northern California. Our wedding was in the fall and we didn’t have many decorations because we wanted the natural beauty surrounding us to speak for itself.



We chose to keep our wedding at 70 people because we wanted an intimate, simple setting with our guests. Most of the day was a blur to me, but one of my favorite memories was walking with my dad before walking down the isle. His exact words were, “Slow down, breathe and take in this beautiful moment.” It's the simplicity of those moments that we tend to take in and remember for the rest of our lives.

I truly believe in simplicity and beauty existing together as a unit. It’s funny how nature can do that so beautifully. The setting of Gover Ranch and memory of our beautiful wedding day truly inspired me to choose the more minimalistic route; the “less is more” approach when it came to designing this clutch. The minimalist construction allows for the quality of leather* to speak for itself.

I truly wish I had this concept in mind before the wedding, or I would have gifted each of my bridesmaids with this clutch. (Bulk pricing is available!) The Gover Clutch is a beautiful gift for your bridal party, friends and family. The simplistic beauty allows it to be used in even the fanciest setting. 


We are extremely proud of this clutch as it is completely handcrafted and the quality of leather is unsurpassable.The richness of the leather has been treated with oils, and is considered a very high quality, durable, long-lasting leather. I’ve personally used mine for several months and the clutch looks brand new. 


We hope you enjoy the Gover Clutch as much as we do!

Wedding Photography: Jack Vu Photography


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