Beauty Brought Me Back

In 2016 I had a head injury that took me out for 8 months. June found me swallowed in despair, wondering if the pain would ever stop, doubtful that I’d ever feel like myself again.

Then beauty brought me back to life.

I found a scrap bag of leather at Michaels for $4 and I sat at the kitchen table playing with keychain designs while a friend sang on the piano late into the night. I stamped into them dozens of words. Hopeful, fierce, strong, brave words. There was something about the gorgeous, quality leather that felt timeless and lasting, and made the words pressed into it start to feel bigger than my current reality.

I started giving them to friends. Words to hold onto. Words that live in your pocket, and purses and hang by the door, that slowly leak into your heart and unlock things.

People and organizations and stores started buying them. A lot of them.

Two years later, I have a whole line of products, sold in places like Magnolia Market and 87 other incredible locations around the country. I get to do what I love every day with a phenomenal team. My head injury is 100%  healed, and my heart has truly never felt so alive.

Our intention is that this same vivid light that crashed in on me two years ago would be infused into every single product that bears our name. That beauty would meet you, in the deepest way as you interact with our brand. That it would sweep you up and lift you, like it did that night for me, a little higher.


We were so honoured when Shane Faye Videography approached us about wanting to tell the story of Twin Sparrow. There’s a longer version to come, but we’re already blown away at his brilliance in even this short clip! Thank you so so much for caring about our journey and wanting to capture it, Shane! We'll keep ya'll updated when the longer version rolls out!